Welcome to Nik Zane Media, Brisbane-based Web Development and Graphic Design studio, developing modern, responsive and W3C Standards-compliant websites for small businesses.

Our role is to combine design and business logic to achieve a user-facing product. To do this successfully, a wide skill set is necessary to produce a quality user experience to to meet business goals.

How this is done:
  • Clean & functional design
  • Responsive design for a variety of devices
  • Full two-way communication during development

Please visit our services page for a list of what we do and our portfolio page for examples of previous work by Nik Zane Media.


Website Development

Simple Starter (single Page)

Single-page website. The simplest way to get your website online. Useful for domain parking, simple information services or ID profile. Great for getting online quickly at a low cost.


Super Starter (Up to 5 Pages)

Small websites, informational/online brochure display of goods & services, product listings and offerings, including contact form, social media links etc.


Dynamic Site


Dynamic website creation, functionality, usage & training as required with full two-way design collaboration as required.


*starting at

Business Card Printing

250 Business Cards

  • 250 Cards
  • New Velvet Laminate
  • 350gsm Artboard
  • 2 Sided
  • 84mm x 48mm


500 Business Cards

  • 500 Cards
  • New Velvet Laminate
  • 350gsm Artboard
  • 2 Sided
  • 84mm x 48mm


1000 Business Cards

  • 1000 Cards
  • New Velvet Laminate
  • 350gsm Artboard
  • 2 Sided
  • 84mm x 48mm


Business Card Design

Cards by Nik Zane Media are slightly smaller than traditional business card size. This "compact" (84mm x 48mm) trimming is intentional for efficient wallet or pouch storage & retrieval. We call it SLIM-LINE.

For specific size customisation please enquire here.

  • New Velvet Laminate
  • 350gsm Artboard
  • 2 Sided
  • 84mm x 48mm

All cards designed with Nik Zane Media are done so with full two-way client collaboration. All necessary files for printing are provided on request.

Please do no hesitate to call or email to discuss your business card needs.

Card Design Price on Enquiry

Facebook 3D Post

The new Facebook 3D Photo Images are a lot of fun. This is a quick tutorial on how to make them for those without a supported phone completely through a web browser, using the OmniVert 3D Photo Creator. Also Google around, there are many ways to achieve this unique effect.

How to manually create 3D posts on Facebook using OmniVert

  1. Start with your original image and upload it to OmniVert's 3D Photo Creator.
  2. Click Predict Depth Map
  3. Wait for the generated depth map then click Download Depth Map.
  4. Before uploading the results to Facebook, you must follow Facebooks' naming convention. For example, if your original photo is named photo.jpg your depth map must be named photo_depth.jpg with _depth appended to the file name.
  5. Start a new post on Facebook, selecting Photo/Video as the post type.
  6. Navigate to where you have saved your two files when your browser prompts you, select both and click Open.
  7. If done correctly Facebook will automatically detect it is a 3D post and begin processing the 3D image.
  8. If all goes well, you're ready to click Share.


These images have been tested with Facebook's new 3D rendering feature. You can click the button to view them on Facebook and download the images by click them to try them out yourself.

Mr. Bean

Original Depth Map View on Facebook

Note: Photoshop was use on the depth map generated by OmniVert to deepen the grays and enhance the depth and 3D effect of the final result.

Nina Hagen

Original Depth Map View on Facebook


Stormtrooper Selfie

The depth map in this image was not created with OmniVert but manually created with Photoshop.

Original Depth Map View on Facebook